Heidenhain Digital Readouts (GAGE-CHEK)

-Digital Readouts for multipoint inspection apparatuses
-SPC inspection stations
-ND 2100 series Gage-Chek
  Heidenhain Gaging Systems
Heidenhain Linear Scales (LB Series)

Incremental linear encoders with full-size scale housing
-Reclining mounting possible
-Also available in mirrored version


  Heidenhain Angle Encoders (RON 786C)

Large hollow shaft diameter up to 100mm
-System accuracy +-2" and +-1"
-Typically used on rotary and angle measuring tables, indexing fixtures, measuring setups
-RON 786C

Heidenhain Interpolation & Digitizing Electronics

Interpolation and digitizing electronics
-Input signal 1 VPP
-Output signal TTL
-IBV 100 series

  Solartron Digital Probes

Solartron Metrology offers a wide range of Digital Probe for all your all applications.  The following series are available:

DP Series - Push Spring
DZ Series - Small 1 and 2mm stroke probes
DT Series - Feather Touch Series
DJ Series

Solartron Analog Probes   Heidenhain Rotarty Encoder (ECN, EQN, ERN 1300)

Rotary encoder with integral bearing, for mounting by stator coupling
-For integration in motors
-Housing outside dia. 58mm
-The stator coupling is suited for location bores with 65mm inside diameter
-1:10 taper shaft with 9.25mm functional dia. for extremely stiff connection
-ECN, EQN, ERN 1300 series

Heidenhain Rotary Encoder (ECN, EQN, ERN 400)

Rotary encoder with integral bearing, for mounting by stator coupling
-Compact dimensions
-Industrial standard for dimensions and output signals
-Housing outside diameter: 58mm
ECN, EQN, ERN 400 series
  Heidenhain Incremental Angular Encoder (ERA)

Incremental angle encoder for high accuracy
-Steel scale drum with centering collar
-Optional protective cover available
-Consists of scanning head and scale drum


Scanning Head for Incremental Encoder (AK ERM 200)

Scanning head for incremental built-in encoder with magnetoresistive scanning
-Modular encoder with magnetic scanning principle
-Signal period approx. 400 μm (at circumference)
-For C axis on lathes
-AK ERM 200 series

  Heidenhain Rotary Encoder (ECN, EQN, ERN 100)

Rotary encoder with integral bearing, for mounting by stator coupling
-For large shaft diameters
-Hollow-throughshaft, available inside ø 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm
-Housing outsied diameter 87mm
ECN, EQN, ERN 100 series
Heidenhain Absolute Angle Encoder (RCN, RON 200)

Absolute angle encoder with integral bearing and integrated stator coupling
-Sturdy design
-Typically used with rotary tables, tilting tables, for positioning & speed control
-Measuring steps to 0.0001
-RCN228, RCN223F
  Heidenhainl Rotary Encoder (ROC, ROD, ROQ 400)

Rotary encoder with integral bearing, for separate shaft coupling
-Industrial standard for deimensions and output signals
-Mounting by synchro flange or clamping flange
- Shaft diameter 6mm with synchro flange,10mm with clamping flange
-ROC, ROD, ROQ 400 series

Heidenhain Linear Scales (LF Series)

Incremental sealed linear encoder
-Thermal behavior similar to steel or cast iron
-High vibration rating
-Horizontal mounting possible

  Heidenhain Linear Scales (LS Series)

Sealed linear encoders with slimline scale housing
-Incremental position measurement
-Defined thermal behavior
-Single-field scanning

Heidenhain Angle Encoder (RON 200 Series)

Incremental angle encoder with integral bearing and integrated stator coupling
-Hollow through shaft 20mm
-System accuracy ± 2.5" and ± 5"
-RON 200 Series


  Heidenhain Length Gages (Acanto)

Absolute length gauges with EnDat interface
-Very compact dimensins
-Splash proof
-Plain-bush guided plunger

Heidenhain Length Gages (Specto)

Incremental Length Gauges with ± 1 μm accuracy
 - Compact Design
 - Splash Proof
 - Ball Bushing Plunger
 - Travels 12mm or 30mm
 - Cable (Straight or Right Angle)

  Heidenhain Length Gages (Certo)

Incremental length gauges with ± 0.1um/± 0.051um* /± 0.03um1 accuracy
- For very high accuracy
- For inspection of measuring equipment and gauge blocks
- Ball-bushing guided plunger
- Travels 25mm and 60mm 

Heidenhain Length Gage (Metro)

Incremental length gauges with ± 0.2um accuray 
- High repeatability
- Plunger actuation by cable release, by the workpiece or pneumatically
- Ball-Bushing guided plunger
Travels 12mm, 25mm, 60mm or 100mm

  Heidenhain Linear Scales (LC Series)

Absolute linear encoders for measuring steps to 0.1um (resolution to 0.005um)
- High vibration rating
- Horizontal mounting possible
- up to two additional scanning units are possible
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